At the revolving restaurant right on the top of the Milad Tower, the tallest Tower in Tehran, a woman prepares the elaborate fruit platters. 


The bearded bus driving duo who took great care of us whilst travelling from Esfahan to Shiraz. The bus was comfortable and these two men were kind enough to serve tea and coffee from their own personal stash. 


These two young men would wait around Nasir Al Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, for the tourists. When a large group appears, they open up the boot of the car, pull out a book stand and set up tourist guides on Iran. Their english was impeccably perfect. They were very amusing.


At the grave site of Saadi, a famous poet in Shiraz, a woman working at the bookstore sells us a book of his poems. 


A young boy on a school excursion flashes an enthusiastic smile at me, thrilled to be photographed. At the mausoleum of Saadi in Shiraz. 


Through the markets in Shiraz, a man dressed in a beautiful Termeh designed robe and jewellery wears an Iranian style hat and gun and offers tourists to wear props and take a memorable photo. 


An old woman wrapped in Chador exchanges prayers for donations in an alleyway of the Shiraz bazar. 


A young couple take a selfie on the famous Tabiat (Nature) bridge.


At the Grand Bazaar in Tehran, two men sing traditional Iranian songs as people enter. 


My first time meeting a lovely young Christian Iranian man (left) selling material at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran with his Muslim colleague. We tried to converse a little, I asked if I could take a photo, and he immediately called his friend over to join in.