A consultative conference was held on Sat 4 June organised by the United Australian Peace Federation at Community Centre in Auburn, Sydney bringing a diverse range of Muslims in order to work against sectarianism and disunity.

The participants of the conference included Dr. Mohammed Al-Jabiry, Mr. Aziz Akbar, Dr. Wali Islam, Mr. Asim Mustafa Jawad, Mr. Hassan Mutab, Mr. Sulaiman Al-Fahad, Dr. Ihsan Al-Rubaie, Dr. Makki Kashkool, Mr. Hussein Dirani, Mr. Dhafer Al-Shammari, Dr. Ahmed Aboud,Mr. Jamal Dawood, Mr. Firas Naji, Ms. Hanadi Alaswad, Mrs.Susan Aoun, Mr. Noureddine Madani, Mr. Bakri Jaber, Mr. Hamid Abbas Al-Asadi, Mr. Muhannad Alsabbar, Mr. Mohamed Zoghbi, Mr. Mohamed Hussain, Dr. Taleb Al-Masoudi, Mr. Sabih Mustaqa.

At the conclusion of the conference they released a statement aiming to  work for cultural pluralism and peaceful coexistence among all segments of the Australian community and to give advice and denounce the religious, sectarian and ethnic divide and to develop appropriate plans to proceed with the organisation for programs, events and activities for this new national institution.

The meeting included extensive discussions proving the importance of dialogue among Muslims of various denominations as well as joint cooperation and work hard with hand in hand in order to reject the sectarian fanaticism.