As part of its social support projects, Australian Relief Organisation organised a dinner for 120 homeless people in Wollongong on 10 June 2016. This multi faith iftar dinner attracted local Australians who do not have access to safe and secure housing due to various conflicts, financial matters or family breakdowns. 

In addition to homeless citizens, Federal Member for Cunningham Sharon Bird, Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbury, Manager of Illawarra Multicultural Services Mohan Gunasekara, Manager of Wollongong Homeless Hub Julie Mitchell, staff, volunteers and guests of the Wollongong Emergency Family Housing community as well as coordinators and volunteers of Australian Relief Organisation also attended the iftar dinner.

While Federal MP Ms Bird expressed her gratitude to ARO community for delivering such crucial social support services in her area, Mayor Mr Bradbury appreciated ARO’s operations and later stated that his office will look into assisting feasible ARO projects in the region. Manager Ms Julie Mitchell also spoke about her appreciation for the occasion.

Pointing out to an estimated 105,000 homeless people living in Australia, ARO CEO Mr Cihan Tumen mentioned that the ARO is happy to assist the homeless community during the blessed month of Ramadan. Explaining the meaning and importance of the month, Mr Tumen stated that iftar dinners have welcomed by many Australians in recent years.

At another occasion, ARO organised an iftar dinner for asylum seekers teaming up with the Settlement Services International and sponsored a dinner held in their Bankstown premises.

This multi faith iftar dinner, held on 15 June 2016, attracted asylum seekers who are seeking refuge in Australia due to various conflicts in their home countries. The dinner was also attended by staff and volunteers of the SSI along with directors, coordinators and volunteers of Australian Relief Organisation.

While attendance was over ninety people for the night, SSI Project Manager Ms Catherine Sell expressed her gratitude to ARO community for their social support for the asylum seekers. Throughout the night, ARO advisor Mr Amro Abdelkarim translated speeches into Arabic and made sure that the messages were clearly understood by non-English speakers.

Pointing out to an estimated 60 million people in the world today who are displaced from their homes due to wars and regional conflicts, ARO CEO Mr Cihan Tumen stated that ARO is happy to assist the SSI for their asylum seeker project during the blessed month of Ramadan. Reminding that Ramadan promotes ethics and universal values appreciated by entire humanity, Mr Tumen ended his speech by expressing his pleasure in sharing his dinner with fellow Australians.

While Australian Relief Organisation looks forward to developing projects for vulnerable communities in Australia, those who wish to support ongoing local and international activities may obtain information on, [email protected] and [email protected] or on 02 8065 8469 and 03 9309 6168.