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Twitter Accounts to Follow


Top Islamic Tweets      An account that has made ‘blending of Imaan’ a must in all the lessons that are taught


Muslim Problems. A funny twitter account, trying to make people smile. Even a smile is charity.


Muslim Humor                              Funny yet educational tweets. A must follow if you want to have a good laugh or whenever you’re bored!




Islam’s Stance on Homosexuality by OnePath Network

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OnePath Network posted a video on their Facebook page talking about homosexuality in Islam. The video has been watched over 81 000 times and shared 2000 times. Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman has been targeted for preaching the well-known and official Islamic view on homosexuality: that is is a sin. The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull even came out and said he “regrets” inviting the ‘anti-gay’ cleric, to which the video pointed out – he would have the same issue in the future when inviting just about any other Muslim Imam to any other function. Just because Muslims consider homosexuality sinful, that absolutely does not mean Muslims are homophobic or have a dislike or prejudice against homosexual people, nor do they hate gay people or encourage any kind of violence against them. They offered the example of the consumption of Alcohol and Pork being sinful in Islam, but that does not mean that Muslims hate anyone that consumes such products. It’s okay to disagree with each other so long as we respect each other. The video sparked a great response from the community and finally this topic is being spoken about. Watch the Video:

The Struggles Of A Ramadan Fast (In A Non-Muslim Office) by The Huffington Post

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Life becomes a literal hunger game when you’re fasting for Ramadan in a non-Muslim office. Presented by Linda Sarsour, the video explores the award conversations that happen when working on an empty stomach: You get the same questions: “You can’t eat? At All? Not Even Water?” Then Linda talks about how Muslims ‘midnight binge eating’, when a colleague talks about losing weight, and asks “Whats the point, even?” Then there is always that one friend that tries to find the loophole when trying to fast and Linda makes the point that Muslims CHOOSE NOT to fast. “Ramadan is a time to control ones desire and get closer to God. The self discipline that we learn carries on to other areas of our lives so we can be better be better family members, friends and yes co-workers.” Linda Sarsour is a racial justice and civil rights activist and every Islamophobe’s worst nightmare. She is the Executive Director at the Arab American Association of New York and the Co-Founder/CEO at MPower Change. Watch the Video:

App Review

Human Appeal Australia

Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Price: Free

If you want to help people with charity but don’t know where to start then Human Appeal’s new App will come in handy.

Human Appeal International Australia aims to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty and social injustice. This App allows you to help and donate to their projects.

Through this App you are able to donate money or clothes by choosing a country or a Campaign

A Campaign has options on what you want to donate to like for RamadanIftars, help rebuild people’s lives, help orphans or you can choose from many of their other innovative projects.

P31_AppReview2There are many Projects that Human Appeal has for you to join or help out such as giving zakat, helping orphans, Sadaqa, Education, Aqiqa.

A number of the tabs in the App take you to the browser where you can register and follow through on your contributions.

It would be good if they can have all the information on the App rather than directing you to the browser.

The Human Appeal App will give you the opportunity to help other less fortunate people locally as well as globally.