Available on iOS, Android

Price: Free

Islamophobia Watch Australia is an app for Australians to report and document any harassment or abuse.

These reports can be on physical or verbal attacks as well as insults, vandalism and racism that carried out in any place, be it at home, the work place or in public areas.

The app can be used by anyone as long as you must give your name and email address.

You can read other reports and see where they have occurred; the app asks for the location of the incident.

When you make a report you can add what, where, description of the incident and complete other fields. You can attach a video, photos and/or documents with the report.


It’s quick and easy to file a report together with attachments.

It also asks you how you have reported the authorities and even offers assistance if needed.

The fact that it can grab your location is great tool. You don’t always remember exactly where an incident took place.

It would be good to add some emergency numbers such as police and information on what a person should do if at risk.

Every Australian,  Muslims in particular should have this App so the information can be gathered on how frequent incidents our infrequent incidents are occurring in Australia. It can be part of a collective database and a great resource for the community as well as authorities.

The App provides an opportunity to record and share your story in order to encourage others to do the same and help reduce Islamophobia.