A short, meek, witty old man has been creating tremors in the world of Islam that few have noticed and most do not want to. He has explored almost every old school and has set out to restructure the age-old narrative of Islam.  

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is a force to be reckoned within the realms of Islamic Sciences.

Two distinct and usually rival fluxes of Islamic thought, i.e. traditionalist and modernist, brewed up in the Muslim Subcontinent and virtually all over the Muslim world. Since its exposure to western civilization and the ultimate fall of the so-called Ottoman Caliphate, largely Muslim revivalist movements have been reactionary. The traditionalists pitched against the modernists and vice versa. Both produced their giants, each trying to dominate the general thought process of the masses.

It was Allama Shibli Nomani of the Indian suncontinent who raised a third front within the ranks of religious thought. This front was progressive and revivalist, yet it opted to carry the burden of tradition as well.

However, it was Imam Hamid Uddin Farahi that can be called the ideal manifestation of this doctrine. His student Ameen Ahsan Islahi carried forward the project of his mentor and climaxed it in the form of Tadabbur-e-Quran (a unique commentary on the Quran). Javed Ahmad Ghamidi remained under the tutelage of Islahi and extended his work in many ways.

The works of Javed Ahmad Ghamidi are practical manifestations of the thoughts of his two predecessors – Farahi and Islahi. He has been developing and formulating a counter-narrative, of sorts, to the one that is presented of and within Islam. To get an understanding of the scope of his work; listed below are some of his major contributions:

  • A context-based interpretation of the Quran
  • Separation of Sunnah and Hadith
  • Separation of Shariah and Fiqh
  • Separation of Religion, Philosphy and Mysticism
  • Explanation of Qanoon ar Risalat and Itmam Al Hujjah
  • A Counter-Narrative about Islam and the state

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi’s findings have challenged many notions within Islamic studies. His sense of academia is rarely found within the Islamic circles of study. His intellectual work in the form of his book, “Meezan” (Scale), takes into account the whole of the religion of Islam. Ghamidi has presented his understanding of religion directly from the original sources free from fiqh, philosophy, and mysticism. His approach to understanding religion is systematic and scientific. He presents a thorough methodology and convinces the reader in a very logical manner.

Javed Ahamd Ghamidi and, more importantly, his thoughts are the need of the hour for the Muslim world and for the broader faith-based communities. His thoughts have the right cure for the assumingly incurable ailments spread across the Muslim world.

This write-up is a much-shortened version of a long article and has been provided by Al-Mawrid Australia. More information about Javed Ahmed Ghamidi can be obtained from Al-Mawrid Australia by emailing to [email protected]