The Iranian culinary style is unique to Iran, from Chello Kebab to Khoresh, Ash to Abgoosht, it portrays a rich cultural history and a lot of delicious flavours. Across many dishes, there is a balanced taste of characteristic Persian flavours especially Saffron.

The most common dish is Chello Kebab (a mountain of rice served with roasted meat: koobideh:beef/lamb or joojeh:chicken), Khoresh (meat stew that is served with plain white rice: ghormeh sabzi, gheimeh, fesenjan), Ash (a thick soup), types of rice (polo: loobia polo, zereshk polo, baghali polo) and a range of salads and drinks.

Doogh is a savoury yoghurt based drink seasoned with mint that is commonly had with food.

A famous Iranian dish with sheep brain and hooves is called Kaleh Pacheh (but we didn’t try it).

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Souhan: honey toffee with cardamom, saffron and nuts

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Khoresht Mast (Beef Yoghurt Dessert with Tumeric)

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Berian, minced lamb, spiced nan bread and minced beef lung

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Daes Makhsus Safavi Do Nafra (Esfahan) served an array of delicious meats.

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Plain Polo with Tahdig: crunchy fried potato ontop.

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Abgoosht/Dizi – Mesopatamian hearty lamb thick stew

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Ash, a thick meat stew, spinach, beans, beef, and spices.

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Eggplant & Walnut dish served cold

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Zereshk Polo: Jewelled Rice, especially with red barberries) with Chicken inside.

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Khoresht, a stew with meat and celery.