In blindness, he would say:

Repeatedly tell the lies until truth germinates,

Repeatedly hit the ground until it fragments,

Repeatedly wet the soul until it suffocates,

Repeatedly befog the mind until it blinds,

Repeatedly roll the cage until mud sticks,

Repeatedly shake the tree until it uproots,

Repeatedly block the flow until it retrogrades,

Repeatedly light the fire until it engulfs,

Repeatedly deny the truth until darkness spreads,

Repeatedly aid the tyrants till they continue to serve,

Repeatedly pierce the mind until it escapes,

Repeatedly drain the blood until the life is gone,

Repeatedly tie the knot until it takes the hold,

Repeatedly hit the pot until it disintegrates,

Repeatedly blow the wind until the tempest sets,

Repeatedly apply the force until all submit,

Repeatedly create the havoc but continue deny and disown,

Repeatedly bend the rules until the rules are gone.

Repeatedly blind in arrogance, selfishness and greed,

Repeatedly plunge into chaos and darkness.



Have you ever wondered where these will end!