– A Poet’s words to a Priest –

On the day we first met you soon said to me,

‘We’re  two sides of a coin surely you agree.’

 ‘Yes indeed I do,’ I replied since clearly

We are both striving for human harmony.

‘With interfaith dialogue you bless many  

With mutual respect so then soon empathy,

Thus contrition, compassion, and  clemency.

While I with voice of the soul poetry

– Here in our now multicultural country

Urge those who are soul-voiced to constantly

 – Maintain harmony in our diversity,

Since poetry transcends differences surely,

Helping those Down-Under to live joyfully.

Our ongoing bridge-building may hopefully

Soon help heal the deep wounds of humanity,

Inflicted by greed and avarice daily.

A primitive passion for power with money!

So let’s all now with love serve one another,

Treating everyone as our sister or brother.

May the years ahead prove fulfilling for you

Doing what you now miraculously do,

For as you always say so very wisely,

To be truly religious it is necessary

To respect other’s religions surely.

Indeed you feel about this passionately,

So you have studied the Muslim faith deeply,

Having true respect for Muslims consequentially

–  A feeling we now share undoubtedly.

So with faith-to-faith understanding your goal

You’re drawing many together soul-to-soul,

Inspiring dozens and of course always me.

So I trust all living Down Under shall be

True Soul Mates and yes coin-close spiritually.’