After the successful conclusion of the portrait series “People of China” in the previous issues of AMUST, a second portrait series “People of Persia” is starting with the current issue exploring all the different types of people in Iran, across gender, age, socio-economic status and geographical location. 

Two enthralling ways to enjoy a new culture and country is through it’s people and their food. Iranian cuisine is quite unique to Iran, with beef and chicken hidden underneath mountains of rice, to flavoursome meat stews, to saffron filled sweets. This photo series will get you hungry to try something new!

Historically, Persian culture  had a dominating effect from as far as South East Asia to India, Central Asia and West Asia. Farsi language was the official court language of the two most powerful and rich empires, Mughal and Ottoman. Kashmiri and Mughal Indian cuisines are basically derived from the Persian cuisine.

P20 PoP 4

A man at the Safavi Hotel lobby in Esfahan poses next to a beautiful peacock.

P20 PoP 5

Azame Asidi works at Passport Control at Shiraz Railway Station.

P20 Pop 8

School students at Persepolis, Shiraz.

P20 Pop 3

This man sits in his military uniform under an arch of Khajoo Bridge, Esfahan

P20 Pop 11

Boy at Mauseoleum of Saadi, Shiraz.

P20 PoP 6

Man sells out of a suitcase at the Mausoleum of Saadi, Shiraz.

P20 PoP 1

Young men work at a traditional local restaurant: The best Chello Kebab in Tehran.

P20 Pop 7

Women with interesting personalities work at a local Pizza Restaurant in Esfahan.

P20 Pop 9

Baby in the crowd of Shiraz Bazaar.

P20 Pop 2

A shop keeper selling traditional Esfahani Minakari plates.