A man sits outside of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Esfahan and watches me take a photo of him.


At the mausoleum of a famous Persian poet named Saadi in Shiraz, a young handsome boy notices me taking a photo of his class as they visit the grave on an excursion to learn about poetry. He was shy but smiled.


Her name is Mrs Simin Amiri. She was the hotel manager at Safavi Hotel in Esfahan and she struck up a friendship with my mother.


A man selling spices at the Esfahan Bazaar. I was drawn to the way they displayed the spices. The man behind the mountain of spices was kind.


Three german women who were sitting in the gardens near the Mausoleum of the famous Persian Poet, Saadi. It is strange to see big groups of white women wearing scarves loosely on their head. It made me wonder what their experience of it was like. 


It was a cold windy night under the Siesepol Bridge, Esfahan. A family gathered around a gas stove for heat have their evening meal in one of the arches under the bridge.


A father plays catch with his young son under one of the beautiful arches in the Siesepol bridge in Esfahan, just after sunset. His wife with her baby in the pram, and a few kids on the left watch them play.


A young man serves me coffee near the Armenian Vank Cathedral in Esfahan. He lifted up his arm and rested it on the machine to pose. At first, I didnt know why – but then I smiled and took the photo.


I met a group of turkish tourists. We exchanged our thoughts on travelling in Iran and they were super lovely.


A shop keeper is framed around so much colour at Imam Square in Esfahan.