“What should I do with my life?”  

It happens often when you do not pick the right learning path leading to a decent career start that you dreamt of for yourself.  

Let’s deal with this question in young age when you are in high school (year 9-12) deciding on your electives and majors. This is the time you want to make a decision as to “what should I do with my life”.

Before coming towards the solution box I want to quote Ayah from the Quran, Where Allah says in fourth ayat of 95th sura; SurahTin, “No doubt we created ‘man’ of the best stature (mould)”.

Just zoom in your thoughts and focus here, Allah used the word “man” which represent whole class; every human not just a particular gender, group, country, race or religion.

It means Allah has put special and unique talent in him/her. Every human has ability to become the best at “something”. But question arises? How do I know what I am good at? That question Allah has left with us to pursue to answer.

Let me give you some quick indicators which will tell you what you are good at.

Firstly, in this age, you should try to touch every field of life. Opportunities of work should be abundant around you. For example:

  • Work around the house
  • Help dad / mum in their professional work including family business
  • Formal work experience opportunities in different industry organised by school
  • School Sports or extracurricular activities
  • Community work or projects
  • Part time jobs for pocket money

Secondly, observe the following while you doing some of the above work/ jobs.

  • While you are doing a job or activity; after you do that, do you get personal satisfaction? Do you feel that I have done something interesting today? Like when you finish homework of your favourite subject, do you feel good.
  • When you are doing your favorite tasks, don’t worry too much about reward like pay or gifts etc. You just try enjoy doing your job.
  • Excel and do a good job that everyone including your competitors praise your skills.
  • When you do your tasks, forget about time and place. Simply, enjoy doing it and never feel tired of doing it. As an example while writing this articleI for three hours in middle of night between 2 to 5am, I did not realize the time till I heard Fajr Adhan. When you are intensely involved, time flies. Your learning speed becomes fast, your imagination starts to fly and ideas keep coming in.
  • When you make effort, Allah sends resources for nourishment of the talent he has put inside you. You get new ideas, you get information without any effort, you meet people without plans who want to help you in developing that talent, and you are directed to your goals.

I have stories of many of my trainee learners who found their talent in an early age and now they are leaders in their professions.

Good luck and may Allah guide you.