The Muslimy app is a place where you can find different and positive kind of things to do with Muslims. This app is only for iPhone.

When I went to the app it showed me different pages or ‘tiles’ as I swiped left. It would go from a page about sculpture chairs to a page about following a famous person who dresses with ‘style’. I found it very random, which may appeal to some people but I would of preferred categories.
The main problem I had is that it would ask me to sign in. When I would tried to make an account it kept saying this account already exists. However then when I tried to log in it says this account doesn’t exist. I tried different names and email addresses but I could not sign in.
I understand the app is for people to easy find different things from a Muslim point from fashion to poetry to food and so on. It’s an interesting concept but just needs some tweaks.