Green ShoppingLevel 5 student, Amin Shahinpour from Shahidan Sokhanvar in Tehran worked on a great project called Green Marketing. At the young age of 10, Amin had proposed to set up a poster with images of grocery items and their QR codes located in high traffic areas.  

Amin developed the idea, extensively researched similar past work, created a poster, produced the QR code and programmed the app.

Once complete, he implemented the project at a local subway station in Tehran, Iran. Other locations would include subway stations, airports and universities in order for it to be convenient way for people to shop.

The purpose of the project, was to consider family economy, social issues (traffic and air pollution) and creating practical uses for electronic devices for the benefit of society.


Amin Shahinpour showing the Train Station Manager, Mr Elmi, his idea at Taleghani Metro Station in Tehran, Iran.



Amin displaying how people would use their phones with the QR Codes displayed.

Amin displaying how people would use their phones with the QR Codes displayed.Upon discovering the uses of a QR code on his father’s business card, Amin had the idea of creating a virtual space for easy and safe shopping with minimal effort. This launched his technology marketing project called, Green marketing.

With the help of his successful parents, Mr Mohsen Shahinpour, international marketing and advertising expert and his wife Mrs Somayyeh Avvali, an international business management expert, Amin was able to further develop his idea.

His father, Mohsen, a virtual space expert and a university lecturer in the field of marketing and advertising particularly guided and advised Amin’s on his project.

Both his parents translated a book entitled “Online Consumer Behaviour” and were able to impart the knowledge of the book to their son.

photo_2016-01-24_04-15-40As one of the brightest students in his school, Amin Shahinpour is a mature and  intelligent young man who has displayed great potential he has in technology and marketing.

Amin Shahinpour looked at similar ideas of virtual shopping in the UK and South Korea. He had also interviewed a university professor from the South Korean university who advised him about logistics and success.  He also looked at the advantages for retailers, buyers and society.

Karami Shali, Amin’s teacher has said that the hope and trust in Allah and support from his family and teachers, Amin Shahinpour has the potential to achieve high academic degrees and accomplish great things. His project has potential and ability to compete on a national as well as international level.

P22 GS Amin Shahinpour and his Teacher Karami Shali from Shahidan Sokhanvar

Amin Shahinpour and his Teacher Mrs Karami Shali.

In his project acknowledgement, Amin mentions his teacher, Mrs Tahereh Karami Shali, Principal Mr Rekabdar and Mr Hamzei as an assistant at his school.

He also thanked Taleghani metro station manager, Mr Elmi, Application programmer, Mr Amini and his dear parents Mohsen Shahinpour and  Somayyeh Avvali.