Bella and Ozzi’s story is a beautiful tale of persistence, perseverance and true companionship. A chance brush with each other in the city made quite the impression on Ozzi who spent the next year looking for the girl who bumped into him. Eventually through many coincidences and striving, Bella and Ozzi finally had the chance to meet each other properly, and the rest is well, history! Read on for their incredibly story of love…


How did you meet We initially bumped into each other in the city. I was running for the train and he was walking in the opposite direction. Being late, I didn’t really pay attention to him, I just said sorry and continued running. Ozzi on the other hand was pretty mesmerised and told his friends that he needed to find me (I know, it sounds pretty cliché). A year later he found my Facebook and added me. I saw his friend request, but ignored it as I didn’t know anyone name Ozzi. When I was cleaning out my friend request, I saw that he and I had a few mutual friends, so I accepted him. That day I noticed it was his birthday, I inboxed him wishing him a happy birthday and from there we couldn’t stop talking (Today, he admits that me accepting his friend request was the best birthday gift he has ever received).


A couple weeks into the conversation I told him that I had a baby shower to attend . He realised that it was a great opportunity for us to meet. He begged the brother of the lady who was having the baby shower to invite him. Every day he kept asking if he could go; confused, his friend questioned why, saying “you don’t even know my sister”. He then told him that he was interested in me and wanted to meet me there. So his friend agreed to invite him.


The day finally came and I headed to the baby shower with my sister and her husband, being a newlywed, they both only thought of each other and forgot about me. So sadly, they left me stranded at the baby shower. Luckily Ozzi was there and offered to drop me home. Since that day, he has always been my life saver and my best friend.

Tell us about the proposal He took me to a sunset dinner at the Sydney Tower. It was beautiful, the venue, the food and the atmosphere. Ozzi and I had it quite tough with the disapproval of my parents at the time because of culture difference. So his proposal was more of a reassurance that we will be able to change my parents’ heart. As long as I am still by his side, he is willing to fight for me.

This night will always be one of my favourite memories.

How long was the engagement It took us 5 years of negotiating to finally get the approval from my parents. When they finally saw that no one could love me and look after me the way Ozzi does, they set all ego aside and invited him over for dinner. That night they saw how amazing Ozzis’ personality was, and we got the thumbs up. As soon as my dad said yes, I wanted to get married the next week. But I had to be realistic; I persuaded everyone that we could get the wedding ceremony (Nikah) planned in 3 months.


How was the wedding planning process Oooo boy, the wedding planning was pretty chaotic. My parents wanted to plan everything, and I wanted to plan my own wedding too. So we decided that for the Wedding Ceremony, we will plan it together as all the elders will be invited then. And for the reception, it will all be my idea as it is only the youth. My husband on the other hand wasn’t really fazed, as long as his friends were there, and the cake was red velvet, he didn’t mind how it turned out.

The wedding reception was  6 months after the Nikah, which left me enough time to plan and also it still makes our marriage pretty new, so our friends will still be excited to attend. I am a perfectionist, and once I have an idea, I do not want to include others input. So the whole 6 months, every single day I would be texting my vendors, and every weekend I would meet up with them. I think I turned out to be those annoying brides who kept changing their mind and had her vendors on speed dial.

How did you decide on a wedding venue Initially I wanted to have an outdoor, rustic wedding. Unfortunately the venue we wanted closed down, so we had to go for a plan B. I still wanted it to be outdoors, but at the time, the weather was horrible and I was afraid that on my wedding day it would rain. I spent around 3 months trying to find an outdoor place, but I left it to the last minute, and everything was booked out for the date that I wanted, so we had to go for a plan C, and I decided the safest place would be a reception hall.

I have always loved Westella Renaissance because of their dark room. It gave a really nice romantic vibe. Best decision ever!

What inspired your wedding style I was actually inspired by Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello wedding. I love how they used purple and pink flowers in a dark room. And I wanted something similar.

Most of the weddings I had attended used either white or red flowers as decorations, so I wanted to be different and I wanted the flowers to really stand out to brighten up the dark room.


DIY elements Majority of it was DIY. Being a control freak, I wanted to do it all by myself.

  • The wedding favours I used my sister and cousins as labor to put it all together
  • My amazing cousin made my wedding cake for the Nikah
  • Name Cards, Table Numbers, Seating List and Instagram Hashtag, I designed, Printed and cut
  • There was an interaction table. Instead of using a guest book, I made a Thumb Print Tree. I also made advice cards, However I forgot to give them to the Venue and accidentally left it at home, so they didn’t make it on the table
  • For the Nikah, the night before, my family stayed up until 1 in the morning to decorate the function room. We hired materials and furniture’s from one of the ladies from Ozzis’ community. I must say it was really amazing seeing my family and Ozzis’ friends and family work together and I was really proud of how it turned out.


What does marriage mean to you both Marriage to us is about spending the rest of your life with the person you are able to trust and love whole heartily. It is about working as a team to overcome obstacles and push each other to become a better version of yourself. Marriage is about understanding that there will be arguments, disagreements and sacrifices, it isn’t easy, and it requires patience, compromises, effort, teamwork and two people who will never give up on each other. But most importantly, marriage to us is eternal, it is a blessing to wake up each day, knowing that you are building your future, your life and a family with your best friend and your perfect companion.

Memorable moment of the day There were a lot of memorable moments, its’s really hard to choose one. But there were two moments that got me teary. I have never seen Ozzi cry, he always put a brave face on no matter what the situation is. Once I walked down the aisle, I looked up at Ozzi and he was crying and smiling. After everything we went through, to walk down the aisle and seeing his face so vulnerable and happy. I was like wow this guy never gave up on me, he believed in us, he fought for us, despite the difficulties, he was patient and he kept going. It made me feel so blessed to marry him. The second thing was probably seeing him and my dad hug, and thanking each other. It was pretty emotional, to see the two most important men in my life, exchange hugs.


Tell us about your dress I was actually super lucky with my dress. I didn’t want to spend too much on my dress, so I was on the internet 24/7 trying to find the perfect dress on a budget. I don’t know how, but I stumbled across a website that had a closing down sale in Petersham, and that weekend was the last day. So my Aunty, Cousin and I travelled down there to check the place out.

My cousin pointed out the dress for me, and as soon as I tried it on, I instantly feel in love. Being short and curvy, it’s really hard to find the perfect dress. And this dress sat on my body perfectly; I didn’t have a second guess and straight away got it.

I wanted a modern, modest dress that was simple with lace and a little bling. And I got that exact style with a fraction of the price.

Overall Our wedding completely broke all the rules of a typical Padang and Indo-Arab wedding. Usually the wedding would consist of every single person in the community. So telling my parents that I wanted something small required a lot of convincing. Our family could not fathom the idea of a wedding with only close family and friends. It totally wasn’t in their dictionary. Eventually after bringing forth a good case, they agreed to make it a small wedding. This was the best decision as my parents enjoyed their time without putting all their attention in talking to the guests. This also made the wedding feel more intimate because we shared good memories with everyone who attended the wedding. It was such a beautiful night, so much laughter and smiles, everyone enjoyed themselves. It was such a perfect night, there was nothing that I would change.

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