Lusia Efriani Kiroyan, an alumnae of Muslim Exchange Program (2012) and a Founder of Cinderella From Indonesia Center is in Australia to promote the “Batik Girl” women prisoners empowerment program being run in Indonesian prisons.

The program teaches women in these prisons on how to produce Batik Girl dolls which are then sold or donated.  The women earn a salary to build self-esteem and provide for a better future after prison and the profit from the dolls go to a charity.


The “Batik Girl” Roadshow is being in communities in Melbourne, Shepparton, Canberra and Sydney is supported by the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and includes Lusia, Thida thay (Myanmar, Designer & Trainer) and Hamidah Bahaswan (a psychologist from Singapore).

The “Batik Girl” Roadshow has three main goals:

  1. To strengthen relationship between Indonesia-Australia and gain wider Australian support for the program which has 100 inmates who work for the production of the “Batik Girl” and more than 540 inmates who benefit from the program.
  2. Share the social mission of “Batik Girl” and in the hope the program can also be applied in Australia. The “Batik Girl” program provides therapy for drug users in prison.
  3. To promote the “1000 Batik Girl Initiative” for Indonesia. This initiative supplies Batik Girl dolls to needy children including those with cancer, HIV, Thalasemia and disabilities. The aim is to provide a thousand Batik Girls dolls in 10 cities in Indonesia.


“So we hope, Australian people can help us with our Campaign :”1Friend, 1Doll” so people contribute to buy one “Batik Girl” Dolls and the dolls will be given to unfortunate kids in Indonesia,” explained Lusia.

The program also is used to encourage young communities for “stay away from drugs”, so they can use their time becoming “social entreprenuers”.

Lusia & Faridaa

Lusia & Faridaa

Additionally, Lusia would like to abolish the death penalty in Indonesia by proving that, through the program, they can provide women prisoners with a second chance.

The ”Batik Girl” Hijab Series Roadshow in Australia covered:

29th  March – 6th April 2016 : Melbourne & Shepparton.

7th April 2016 – 11th April 2016: Canberra

12th April 2016 – 15 April 2016 : Sydney

To support the program, view their facebook page : CFIC Batik Girl

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