P15_King-Faisal-International-PrizeThe King Faisal Foundation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has announced the prestigious King Faisal International Prize for the year 2016.

The recipients in the categories are as follows:

Service to Islam: Shaikh Dr. Saleh Abdullah bin Himeid of Saudi Arabia;

Islamic Studies (Topic: Muslim Geography Heritage): Professor Abdullah bin Yousif Al-Ghunaim of Kuwait;

Arabic Language and Literature (Topic: Analysis of The Arabic Poetic Text); Professor Mohamed Abdalmotaleb Mostafa of Egypt and Professor Mohammed El-Ghazouani Miftah of Morocco;

Medicine (Topic: Clinical Application of Next Generation Genetics): Professor Joris Andre Veltman from Netherlands;

Science (Topic: Biology) was awarded to Professor Vamsi Krishna Mootha of USA and Professor Stephen Philip Jackson of UK.

The prize consists of a certificate, hand-written in Diwani calligraphy, summarising the laureate’s work; a commemorative 24 carat, 200 gram gold medal, uniquely cast for each Prize; and a cash endowment of Saudi Riyal 750,000 (about US$200,000) to be shared equally.


(Courtesy Radiance ViewsWeekly)