P11_SRCSeniors Rights Service was recognised at this year’s Zest Award for the organisation’s outstanding work in community partnership and collaboration with Legal Aid NSW for the 2015 Borrowers Beware Project.

Borrowers Beware uses community radio to educate elderly people from Arabic, Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian speaking communities on the dangers of borrowing money against their home for the benefit of their children.

Diana Bernard, Manager of Education and Promotion at Seniors Rights Service said, “The issue of older people gifting or guaranteeing their homes for their adult children can sometimes leave the older person stripped of assets and potentially homeless. Our project aimed to inform people from these particular communities of the potential risks due to the high prevalence of these issues reported in these communities.”

Bernard added, “It’s essential people understand the potential risks involved with ‘home gifting or guaranteeing’ without seeking independent legal advice. We intend to continue shining a spotlight on this issue and will continue to target those most at risk.”

The Zest Awards showcase the great work of the Community Sector across Western Sydney. The awards promote a positive image of Greater Western Sydney region through highlighting the area’s assets, its diversity and its creative and innovative work. NSW Premier, Mike Baird, is a patron of the Zest Awards.

Seniors Rights Service will continue to work in partnership with vulnerable communities throughout NSW and with Legal Aid NSW. The success of Borrowers Beware demonstrates that meaningful and considered collaboration can achieve positive impact in communities that are sometimes considered ‘hard to reach’.