When 74 leaders, warriors, and statesmen of Medina decided to follow the teachings of Islam and become Muslim, Nusaybah was one of only two women to personally give their bayah in person to the Prophet Muhammad (s).

During the Battle of Uhud Nusaybah was helping the soldiers by treating their wounds and giving them water, but after some of the Muslim archers disobeyed their orders and began deserting their high ground believing victory was at hand, the tide of the battle changed.

At this point Nusaybah picked up a sword and shield and entered the battle.

She ran to Prophet Muhammad (s) and shielded him from the onslaught of enemy arrows. Then a horse mounted Quraish attacked her, she grabbed the horse’s bridle and plunged her sword into its neck. The horse reared and toppled over onto the rider. Nusaybah had already received substantial wounds at this point, but she continued fighting.

Her son Abdullah came to help and the two of them circled around the Prophet Muhammad (s), protecting him from the oncoming Quraish attackers. Prophet Muhammad (s) noticed Nusaybah’s wounds and ordered her son to bandage them, and praised their heroism.

Nusaybah picked her sword and shield back up to continue fighting and Prophet Muhammad (s) complimented her on her incredible courage.

She fought on bravely and it was not until she was struck for a twelfth time that she stopped fighting. The wound cut across her shoulder and left her unconscious on the battlefield. Once she awoke, her first thought and concern was for the Prophet Muhammad (s) and whether he had survived. Subhan’Allah.