Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a 2 day landmark visit to Pakistan arriving Friday 25 March.

In a televised statement following meetings between Rouhani and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the two leaders said they wanted to forge a relationship built on economic development and shared interests.

Rouhani said that Pakistan’s security was as important to Iran as its own. He said terrorism is a scourge both countries face.

Rouhani’s visit is also a landmark moment for Iran, after international sanctions were lifted in the wake of the nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and world powers.

Rouhani had earlier told that “constructive relations with neighbours and the Islamic world are at the priority list of our foreign policy.”

Rouhani’s visit is also expected to discuss a controversial gas pipeline from Iran, through Pakistan to India. Work has stalled on the Iran-Pakistan section, which was designed to help Pakistan meet its energy needs. Iran has invested over $2 billion in the project, but Pakistan has yet to finish construction on its half of the pipeline.

At a meeting with Iranian business representatives Miftah Ismail, Chairman of the Pakistan Board of Investment and Sui Southern Gas Company, said the Iran- Pakistan- India pipeline is a priority for Sharif’s government, as is a north-south pipeline Pakistan is building with China.

With relentless and protracted power outages throughout the country, finding new energy sources has become critical in Pakistan.