The Islamic Council of Victoria, ICV’s Hospital Chaplaincy Team raised $20,000 for the 2016 annual Royal Children Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal under the #TeamHammoud.

The ICV Hospital Chaplaincy team presented a large presentation cheque to the CEO of the Children’s Hospital on Friday 25th March.

The ICV last year also raised $20,000 via its member societies and this year chose to raise the funds under the name of 7 year old little Hammoud Sammak who has Down Syndrome and advanced stage leukaemia.

Dua was offered for little Hammoud and that Allah grant him shifa and good health and all children in all forms of health needs.

Ms Lina Ayoubi, Hospital Chaplaincy Co-ordinator championed the cause of little Hammoud and raised funds via the online appeal

“we are most humbled by the opportunity to contribute, to serve all and in particular raise to the awareness the plight of children suffering from Down Syndrome – our heart goes out to all our children” Ms Ayoubi said.

Dr Aladin Zayegh, chair of the Hospital Chaplaincy services said “this was a great community effort. And a tribute of the Muslim communities contributing towards important causes that serves the whole of society”.

Mr Saban Han, veteran chaplain volunteer said “may Allah reward all efforts and bless everyone for attending to the needs of our sick and in particular our children. A very humbling day for us all”.

According the ABS Census data 29% of the Muslim population is under the age of 14 hence equating to around 60,000 Muslim kids in Victoria, who at some time and in some capacity would have visited the Children’s Hospital.