Islamic finance has become increasingly significant in the finance world with Muslim investors looking for ethical investments following Islamic principles. 

Equitable Financial Solutions (EFSOL) have the vision to make Shariah-compliant financial solutions, a long-term and viable reality for all Australians.

Shariah-compliant investments are in accordance with three Islamic Principles which need to be adhered to when analyzing an investment.

The first is the absence of interest (riba) in the investment, the second is the potential for ‘unethical concerns’ in the investment mix, and the third relates to the nature of the contract between the parties involved.

EFSOL are committed to providing innovative halal finance and investment solutions using traditional methods like Musharakah, Murabaha, Ijara and Wakalah.

But what do all these terms mean exactly?

Musharakah is a partnership structure with profit/loss sharing used in Islamic finance. It allows each party involved in a business to share in the profits and risks. Rather than dealing with interest, EFSOL achieves its return in the form of a portion of the profits earned, and share any losses.

Murabaha is an acceptable form of credit sale, similar in structure to a rent-to-own arrangement, the mediator retains ownership of the property until the loan is paid in full.

Ijara is an transactional exchange where a benefit arising from an asset is made available in return for a payment, however the asset’s ownership is not transferred.

Wakalah (Protection) refers to a contract where a client authorises EFSOL to do a certain well-defined legal action on their behalf.

EFSOL continues to implement the latest technologies, combined with experienced and inspired personnel and visionary leadership.

Established in May 2011, they offer residential property finance, vehicle finance and investment products.

EFSOL was founded by its managing director, Usman Siddiqui as a Shariah-compliant financing company. Previously, Mr Siddiqui worked for organisations in various sectors including banking, financial services and pharma companies. He is a Certified Credit Advisor (CCA), Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE, Dubai) and has completed a Diploma in Financial Management and Business Management.

Hisham Fakhir, EFSOL Director of Funds Management,  has twenty years of experience, which spans across some of the major investment banks in Singapore and Australia including Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Prior to joining EFSOL, he was Director at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, where he focused on revenue and product development and managed the trading operations across the country.

“Times are changing in the world of Islamic financial markets. Operating in an increasingly demanding marketplace, more and more firms are looking to outsource Sharia Advisory solutions”, says Yasser S Dahlawi, Chief Executive Officer, Shariyah Review Bureau.

Commenting on the assignment, he adds, “We are always on the lookout to deliver value-added solutions for clients like EFSOL and will continue to enrich our services to provide faster and efficient suite of solutions for their Sharia supervisory needs.”

EFSOL offers three products: Easy Home, Easy Home Saver, Car Finance and Ameen Investment.

For more information, contact EFSOL on, 1800 183 133,, or visit their Sydney office Level 7, 91 Phillip St, Parramatta. Be sure to like their Facebook Page.

EFSOL has branches in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Singapore.