Tanya Kubitza continues cycling for charitable causes.

She is at her bike again in March to support “Cycle for Humanity and is well on her way towards reaching her cycling goal.

She is raising the awareness of this great organisation and seeking sponsors for this great cause.

Donating to the project will help to increase awareness of sustainability in recycling and re-purposing bicycles, and empower disadvantaged people worldwide through the simple access to a bicycle.

Donations can be pledged by using the ‘Give Now’ button on her fundraising page:  http://goo.gl/bK9uZT

  1. The sale of one bike can feed 60-80 children at the feeding centre for one day
  2. The sale of one bike can pay the school fees for one child for 6 months
  3. The sale of one bike can provide the monthly wage for one preschool teacher at Sepo.