The Islamic School of Canberra (ISC) is fighting for its survival following the decision by the Federal Government to stop funding beyond the first term of this year.  

Consequently the ACT Government has indicated that without federal or alternative funding, it will consider the school to be not financially viable and will have to revoke the school’s registration.

The school is currently registered to run until the end of 2016.

However the school, the parents and the community haven’t taken it lying down.

The school is preparing a business plan in addition to establishing a new school board comprised of eminent Canberra Muslim community members and professionals independent of AFIC and the previous board.

Additionally the interim school board, under the leadership of its principal, Susan Christiansen, is seeking an extension and review of the decision.

The parents, through the Parents and Friends Association of Islamic Schooling in Canberra (PFA-ISC), have also been active.

In addition to holding various parents and community meetings, the PFA-ISC held a Save Our School Fundraising Lunch for the school on school grounds on Saturday 19 March where it managed to raise more than $30,000 dollars.

Kalam Azad, President of the PFA-ISC, stressed the need for such a school in Canberra and said that these funds will only be given to ISC once there is an independent and functioning school board and the viability of the school is imminent.

Well-wishers of the school can contribute to the PFA-ISC by depositing any amount to the following bank account

Name: PFA-ISC Fundraising Account

Bank: Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 061-954

Account: 1096 4155

Please enter your mobile number and first name in the reference field. Copy of the receipt should be emailed to:

[email protected]