Available on iOS, Android

Price: Free

Looking for a good Prayer or Qur’an App? Well Muslim Pro has both.

This is really a great App for prayer and reading the Quran.

It has lovely athan that you can choose for each prayer and it can also suggest what verse of the Qur’an to read each day. Included is a compass to help face the Kaaba. It again has lovely recitations for when you want to hear the Qur’an.

P23_MuslimPro1Extra features:

Need to find a Mosque? This App will tell you the nearby places where you can pray. Using Google maps it shows you the address and the distance for each place.

There’s an Islamic Calendar and all Islamic holidays. Go and see what Islamic month you were born in.

It has a option where you can learn some common Arabic sentences and their meaning. For example BarakAllahu Feek (the blessings of Allah be upon you)

Muslim Pro offers halal places to ea,t again using Google maps. However when choosing ‘getting directions’ straight from the App it doesn’t work very well with my Android. But you can always copy and paste the address straight into Google maps itself.

There are many other features like learning duas, electronic tasbih, 99 names of Allah, to even a calculator helping you to pay your zakat.

The only real downside is the weird ads that pop up now and then.

I’ve had this App for years and I found it to have more than what I expected. Constant updates are given so it just gets better.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a prayer and Qur’an App.