As part of regular Professional Development (PD) of about 100 staff (teachers and general staff) of St Joseph College, Toowoomba visited the Garden City Mosque on Friday 22 January 2016. 

This event was a part of the programs during the visit of Rev Dr Patrick McInerney – Catholic Institute of Sydney, Head of Christian Muslim Dialogue for Catholic Church and Columban missionary priest from South Australia.

The President of the Islamic Society of Toowoomba, Mr Michael Yahay Anderson welcomed the visitors and spoke about fundamentals of Islam.

Professor Shahjahan Khan, Dr Javaid Iqbal and Dr Mark Copland also briefly spoke to the guests. Later the participants were divided into six groups for questions and answers on a more close environment and better interaction.

A day earlier, Thursday 21 January, Rev. Dr. Patrick McInerney spoke at a lunch gathering held at the Irish Club Hotel, Toowoomba which was participated by the Mayor of Toowoomba, Cr Paul Antonio, Dr Jonathon Inkpin of St Luke Church, Dr Mark Copland of Social Justice Commission, Professor Shahjahan Khan from Islamic Society of Toowoomba, and Mr Haniff Abdul Razzak from Pure Land Learning College.

Both the events covered some of the contemporary issues faced by religious communities in Australia and world-wide, and emphasised the need to remain united ignoring all the hate propaganda by extremist groups against Muslims and non-Muslims.