In  2012 Bilal Islam, a father of two, supported by his wife, established Homeless Run in order to provide essential needs to the homeless in Sydney.

The motivation for this move was the idea that Muslims should  create a positive difference in the  community by helping the venerable and downtrodden irrespective of their faith, colour or cultural background.

The International Development Organisation highly appreciated this unique service and decided to team up with them in partnership as the  IDO Homeless Run.

Three years later the project has become a success story with a highly motivated team of  enthusiastic members  maintaining this essential service to the Sydney’s homeless. They are popularly known as The White Coats.

Regardless of what the weather throws at them, every Friday and Saturday night The White Coats in their flowing white Abayas travel in their vans  and deliver aid to the homeless, single elderly mothers and the elderly in Sydney.

The White Coats provide hygiene packs, snack packs, food pack and health packs during their weekly run on Sydney’s streets.

“It’s become a routine. The homeless  know when we’ll arrive and where we will be. Other people contact us through Facebook or through our website” Bilal says.

“This is a form of sadaqa (charity) from us. Islam pushes us to do good and to be accountable for our actions. This is why we do this,” he added.

The IDO Homeless Run service is provided by volunteers who sacrifice their time and comfort and is funded by  donations by the community.

Apart from their street run, The White Coats also aid the elderly, those that are infirm, those that are over the age of 60 and the disabled in helping them with household chores  from lawn moving to changing a light bulb their houses.

The future aims of IDO Homeless Run includes establishment of a Soup Kitchen, Recreational Farm to house those suffering from substance abuse and the youth in general.

IDO Homeless Run  wishes to expand its services by establishing  branches in all Australian states and territories and possibly in other countries as well.

If you wish to volunteer your time or donate to the IDO Homeless Run please visit their website or Facebook page