A highly inspiring and motivating forum to bring together educators was held at the Emporium Lounge in Bankstown on Saturday the 7  November by the Muslim Teachers’ Association (MTA).

The MTA is a not-for profit organisation that is run by teachers for teachers. It has been a pioneer in providing a platform of open communication, networking and discussion for teachers to address the needs of students through supporting teachers and schools for the last five years.

The annual event attracted more than 70 passionate educators from all types of schools eager to continue to learn how to promote positive learning opportunities in their students.

Speakers included Dr Molook Al-Fadly and Mr Jihad Dib MP. Dr Al Fadly, head of science at Al Noori Muslim school, stressed that we need to guide, empower and challenge students to become producers rather than consumers.

Mr Dib, former Principal of Punchbowl Boys High School and now member of Parliament recalled that the hardest thing was changing the mindset of his students to believe in themselves in order to set goals and achieve them.

There were numerous focus groups, held by highly experienced teachers, including developing community schools by Mr Omar Merhab, debating across the curriculum by Mrs Alham Ardati and teaching with the five senses by Mrs Jameela Ho.

The event ended with prize giveaways including an Umrah trip and book packs followed by a delicious lunch.

The MTA hopes to conduct further networking opportunities, develop culturally relevant resources for classroom use, conduct workshop addressing the needs of muslim students and create an avenue for communication and connection for teachers.

To join or find out more about the Muslim Teachers’ Association, visit their website at www.muslimteachers.com.au