Physical access is the tip of the iceberg of food scarcity in Afghanistan, limited accessibility to a diverse range of nutritional foods required for a balanced diet has resulted in the collective malnourishment of the Afghan people.  

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After cleaning.

The loss of farmland and resident displacement as a result of the war devastated local agricultural infrastructure and broke down vital food networks in communities. Rural communities sparse and limited access to essential food groups including vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy and the lost knowledge of traditional agricultural techniques has resulted in the diminished health of residents.

Women and children are the community members most effected because of their limited access to jobs suited to their capabilities and the structural inequity of their status in Afghan society.

At Mahboba’s Promise we believe that the women and children of Afghanistan should be provided equal access to the full range of nourishing food required to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

2016 is a year of new beginnings and what better way to show appreciation by providing the women and children of Afghanistan with a fresh start that only nutrition-rich and sustainable fresh produce can afford. Mahboba’s Promise Permaculture Farm Project empowers women to take an active role in community development by growing yields of organic fruit and vegetables to diversify the diet of local community residents.

In Afghan society widows are expected to grieve their husband’s death for the duration of their human life, unable to move forward. The new year and the end of winter signals a break in the cycle, offering widows supported by Mahboba’s Promise a sustainable future cultivated through the financial independence of being able to sell and trade produce at market-stalls.

To expand widow’s entrepreneurial endeavors Mahboba’s Promise has expanded the project to include a dairy cooperative that supplements the diet of community residents to include poultry, eggs, milk and yoghurt.

The Permaculture Farm Project is beginning to see shrubbery emerge through the rubble of war-torn Afghanistan, signalling a new year of growth and development. Despite its success, the Permaculture Farm’s impact is limited to the geographical confines of the village outside Kabul where it operates.

Mahboba’s Promise is looking to expand the beneficial impact of permaculture to the Parwan province of Afghanistan by employing women and children to tend to a community garden that provides sustenance for the most disadvantaged households in the community.

The garden will aim to promote collaboration and support in the local community by providing a safe haven for children to play and women to develop and share their knowledge and skills. The women of the Parwan community will be expected to hone traditional agricultural skills to produce a range of vegetation to support the dietary requirements of the local community.

Information on how the Mahboba’s Promise Permaculture Program provides women and children with access to a nutritious food source and an environment that fosters positive community growth, and how you can contribute can be found online at