Run through this check list to make sure your computers, data and IT related services are secure while you are away and also functioning the same way on your return, or continue to function whilst you are away.  


Create a full backup of important files and information to an external source and store it off-site or in cloud, away from your business. Include information that may be stored on desktops, laptops and servers.

Out-Of-Office Reply 

Set an out of office reply on your last day in Outlook or Web Mail like Gmail etc. to let your contacts and customers know when you will be operating again in the New Year.

Switch Off 

Turn off all non-essential computers and equipment prior to leaving to avoid any power issues while you are away.

Surge Protection and UPS 

Make sure all your IT related stuff is powered by surge protected power supply. All servers and fax machines link with UPS. So if power goes down then they can still function for little while or shut down safely.

Remote Access 

If you are going away or live far away from your home or office and you are running mission critical operations then for urgency purpose it is good idea to setup remote access to control various operations like Alarm System, Security Cameras, Telephone Message bank, Main Computer/ Server etc.

General Services 

Cancel non-essential services such as rubbish removal, cleaning and deliveries etc; until you are back to avoid any collection fees or lost items.

Family Holiday Checklist 

If you taking yourself / family on vacations. Please make sure you use some sort of family holiday checklist to avoid any mishaps. If you are driving anywhere this holiday period, drive safely.