On Saturday 28 November, a small group of Muslim charity workers were pulled over by two police cars in Lidcombe preventing them from attending the Stereosonic Festival.

The members were hauled down from their well marked van, each searched individually and had their van searched as well with nothing incriminating found. With time more than 100 police officers were called down including a SWAT van with armed officers.

The group’s leader said that they were on their way to attend the event and educate youth in attendance on drug-prevention and pass anti-violence messages.

The group known as White Coats from a charity Homeless Run are well known for their services to provide free food and drinks to Sydney’s destitute  and homeless people largely non-Muslims.

Later, as it turned out, there was a huge drug problem at the festival with one woman dying due to drug overdose and another ending up in at the hospital in a critical condition.

A further nine people were taken to hospital for suspected overdoses, 120 people were treated at the festival for the effects of drugs and a further 69 people were arrested possessing and supplying drugs.

The Homeless Run has started a petition drive in demanding formal apology from the police for their heavy handedness and over reaction against peaceful citizens performing humanitarian service.

See the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/nsw-police-force-public-apology-to-the-homeless-run