Human migration is the movement of people

From one place to another with the intention of settling

Temporarily or permanently into a new location.

The movement is typically over long distances,

And from one country to another or within a country.

And migration may be by individuals, families or large groups.

History would tell that the humans have always migrated

Into new lands to create and build new communities,

To avoid deprivation and harshness of the conditions,

And more importantly for better well-being and the safety

For themselves, their children and the coming generations.

Those who close the doorway under whatever pretext,

Must not forget this is not what makes us the humans.

Empathy and compassion, care and awareness of the

Others’ needs and distress and the rights of everyone,

To cherish dignity, safety, enlightenment and to reach

The peak of their potential, should be without question.

Yes, let us find the best within ourselves,

And never sink to the lowest of the low!