A staff team of cycling enthusiasts from Al Siraat College, a growing Australian school in the Islamic Tradition based in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, set a task to help raise funds for a Masjid on the College site. 

In the past, the community had donated generously for the renovation and maintenance of the Musallah, and despite the extensions, the increased attendance and student numbers have prompted action for this rewarding building venture.

The building currently being used as the Musallah dates back 160 years and is a heritage protected barn. Limiting factors prevented the proper expansion and alteration of the barn, resulting in the need to build an actual Masjid.

The project name, ‘From Barn to Mosque’, was collaboratively selected and supported by a generous marketing consultant, Masstrategy, who prepared official marketing material.

The cycling staff team, whom now enjoy regular riding expeditions, had only a few days turnaround to get the first fundraising project up and running before Ramadan. With staff working around the clock, each family enrolled in the College was given a money tin, as well as other members of the Muslim community who visit the current Musallah.

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The ‘From Barn to Mosque’ team initially intended to raise $30,000 to start the planning process, and with Allah’s blessing and a shower of support, the fundraising has been able to achieve over $70,000, Alhumdulillah. Some families managing to squeeze as much as $1,400 into the small cans, MashaAllah!

Al Siraat College will continue to support such projects, and with Allah’s blessing a Masjid can be achieved.

If you would like any further information on this project, please contact the College on (03) 9408 1999. To make a donation, please see our bank account details on the flyer.