In order to mark the “White Ribbon Day”, Muslim Women Welfare of Australia (MWWA) brought members of the community together over a family barbeque  on Sunday 29 November at Salamah College Complex in Sydney to raise awareness of domestic violence with the theme “Draw the Line”.

“White Ribbon Day” on Wednesday 25 November 2015 was declared as the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women.

Domestic violence is a pressing community issue, for this year alone there have been 63 deaths, all of which are linked to domestic violence in Australia.

Hajjeh Faten El Dana OAM, President of MWWA shed light onto the work that the Muslim Women’s Welfare of Australia is doing to assist women in the community in order to prevent domestic violence.

“MWWA hopes by this event to not only to reduce the level of domestic violence in our community but also to help prevent its occurrence in the first place and we also hope to start an important conversation in a safe environment that welcomes the input and experiences of both men and women to raise awareness for ultimately combating domestic violence in the community,” She said

Sheikh Ibrahim El Shafie offered the attendees an insight onto the work that they are doing to advise, teach and educate the men in the community using Islamic teaching on respect for women and their kind treatment.

Invited guests Senator Concetta Fierravanti Wells and  Senator Michaelia Cash voiced their support for involving men in the conversation on domestic violence and considering the cultural overlays, complexities and deeper factors that make up domestic violence.

Shadow Minister Sophie Cotsis offered her input by highlighting the role of changing attitudes, changing the social stigma and spreading awareness in the prevention process for the eradication of domestic violence.

Police Superintendent Dave Eardly shared a very valuable perspective from the police point of view, suggesting that men have an important role in nurturing a strong relationship with their wives and daughters.