Don’t tell me that the truth is no longer relevant, 

Just because treachery and lies are so rampant. 

Don’t tell me the goodness will no longer provide, 

Just because the vileness continues to derail and blind. 

Don’t tell me that the smile will no longer energize, 

Just because the frown continues to drain the life blood. 

Don’t tell me that the dialogue will no longer serve, 

As the monologue and coercion continue to deprive. 

Don’t tell me that death will mark the final ending, 

As it only serves as the gate way onto a new beginning. 

Don’t tell me words will no longer provide the guidance, 

Just because many have gone astray beyond redemption. 

Don’t tell me love and affection will no longer augment, 

As hatred and aversion continue to divide and fragment. 

Don’t tell me mercy and compassion will no longer thaw and melt, 

As selfishness and greed have transformed into a hardened rock. 

Don’t tell me that the might is always right and trusting, 

When it is them as well that repeatedly blunders. 

Don’t tell me that the Universe has not got a Sovereign, 

When the Sovereignty belongs to the Creator, 

The God in Heavens and the God on Earth, 

The One and the Only One, 

The Timeless and the Constant, 

The Creator and the Sustainer, 

The Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate.