In the current environment where Islam has been hijacked for varying agendas (creating not only misconceptions about Islam but also fostering animosity towards the religion itself and its followers), it has become imperative to disseminate the truth about Islam.

Unveiling the Truth of Islam is a book published in 2015 which seeks to accomplish this task through providing a comparative analysis between the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This book is a sequel to You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free which was published in 2013 and was a Bible research study in the light of the Holy Qurán.

In Unveiling the Truth of Islam, a comprehensive review has been undertaken in regards to investigating the identity and role of Jesus and his original message. The historical and textual evidence against the crucifixion of Jesus is also examined and a critical analysis of the Bible as the Word of God is provided.

Bible mysteries (including the identity of the Holy Spirit), have been also answered and the proofs for Islam and Prophet Muhammad in the Bible are discussed in detail. Some of the common misconceptions of Islam have also been clarified in this book such as the notion of Islam promoting terrorism; whereas, in reality in the Holy Qurán God has forbidden the killing of any innocent (Holy Qurán 5:32) and the act of committing suicide (Holy Qurán 4:29).

This book is for anyone interested in comparative religion or would like to further enhance their knowledge about Islam and assist others in gaining this knowledge. The structure and the language of the book is very reader friendly and suitable for the academic and non-academic audiences alike. Scholarly sources are cited and textual evidence is provided for all topics.

By providing this platform of a comparative analysis between Judaism, Christianity and Islam with its commonalities and differences, this endeavour aims to build bridges through knowledge, dialogue and mutual respect and understanding.

The author embarked on this journey through personal experiences and engaging in dialogue with Christians, which led to the publication of the first book. The second book includes further research on these topics.

Through this journey of seeking knowledge, the author completed her Master in Islamic Studies with Charles Sturt University and Islamic Sciences and Research Academy Australia and is currently enrolled in a PhD in Theology with the same institutions.

This book is available online at Amazon and also at Bukhari bookstore Auburn and Dymocks bookstore at Rouse Hill, Sydney.