In this video a learned gentleman approaches a Anti Muslim protester and starts a conversation which demonstrates what change education, tolerance and a little patience can bring about.

Annie, the lone protester who turned up to Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio who waiting for others to join her in this protest was engaged by a Muslim from the Centre, Michah David Nazrin, a historian and scholar in order to understand her motivation for the protest.

Annie, initially was very reluctant to listen or talk to him and  first refers to Michah as satan and describes Islam a  satanic cult and asking him to ‘walk on’.

However he seems more upset that she doesn’t like the Johnny Cash song ‘walk on’. She goes on to say Muslims listen “to their Generals in the mosque” assuming she meant the Imams.

Michah then politely corrects Annie on her Islamic terminology and gradually breaks down the barrier finally both of them agreeing that they both want all the killings in the world to stop.

Towards the end of the 48 minute video she gets a hug from Cynthia De Boutinkhar who stated on her facebook page that   “…She was actually AFRAID!”.

Later Annie was persuaded to enter the mosque and welcomed by a large number of Muslims inside by a loud applaud.

Michah and Cynthia and the rest of the Muslims demonstrated a successful methodology of Daawah by employing understanding, kindness, patience and love to an anti-Islamic protestor in order to remove misunderstanding and defuse hatred.