Alpha Omega Senior College has scored an impressive 50th rank in the state amongst almost 1000 schools. Students have achieved outstanding results in the 2015 HSC.

Alpha Omega Senior College instill the importance of inner growth and strength in their students, ensuring they achieve their full potential in their HSC exams and beyond.

This year, students achieved 86 band 6 results, 2 state rankings, 5 all-rounder students achieving above 90 in every subject, 4 students receiving an ATAR above 99, 29 students achieving an ATAR of above 90.

Alpha Omega Senior College believe that success is not achieved through chance but through change and this year, in just under 2 years, they have seen a vast improvement in the development of their students’ character and inner self.

Their hard work and dedication has been reflected in the amazing results they achieved this year.

The Australasian Muslim Times and Alpha Omega Senior College congratulate all of their students who have achieved remarkable results this year.

Don’t miss out on your chance to find success and achieve your true potential. Alpha Omega Senior College – Your Next Move.

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