Abu’l Abbas ibn Muhammad ibn Kathir al-Farghani was a multi-talented man with knowledge in philosophy, astronomy, and theoretical physics which extended to engineering in his later life. He was born in modern day Uzbekistan and lived under the patronage of al-Mamun, an Abbasid Caliph during the ninth century CE.

Some of his accomplishments included:

Determining the diameter of the Earth as well as other planets

He wrote ‘Kitab fi al-Harakat al-Samawiya wa Jawami Ilm al-Nujum’ which was translated to Latin and widely studied in Europe from the 12th to the 17th century.

According to Ibn Tughri Bridge, he supervised the construction of the Great Nilometer at al-Fustat, (Old Cairo)

Created the treatise for the famous astrolabe.


Courtesy of Ummah Legends: A journey to discover and celebrate the gems in Islamic history. Created by Peter Gould, Illustrated by Iman Ayoubi.