An estimated 130,000 people sleep roofless in harsh conditions every night in Australia of which 30,000 are estimated to be in NSW.

Sleeping Bags for the Homeless is a charity group that distributes sleeping bags for the homeless in Sydney.

In August on a cold, wet, windy night, Mal Mac Rae was inside his house feeling thankful for the very fact that he had a roof over his head on such a night. His thoughts drifted to those who weren’t so lucky and he began to imagine what is must be like to sleep outside in such harsh conditions.

He created a Facebook page entitled ‘Sleeping Bags for the Homeless’ and started to buy sleeping bags and transport them to community groups for distribution to the homeless.

Sleeping bags are very useful for the homeless for being portable, warm, and comfortable and suitable for all four seasons of the year.

The aim behind campaign is to lighten the suffering of the homeless in Sydney.

Mal Mac Rae encourages supporters to buy a $50 sleeping bag on eBay and get it delivered to his postal address. “It has a simple formula. Buy a sleeping bag on Ebay and put my address as the delivery address and I will arrange to get it to a group that works with homeless people,” he said.

Sleeping Bags for the Homeless currently works alongside Brothers in Need, The Whitecoats, Exodus Foundation and The Wayside Chapel, all of which are Sydney based community organisations helping the homeless and needy.

Sleeping Bags for the Homeless, however needs extra support to give aid to homeless and will be happy to co partner with other  distribution groups to turn this into a national project.

To find out more please find them on Facebook: Sleeping Bags for the Homeless