The core of Anglo-Saxon culture steers everyone to inclusion, brings everyone in.  Look at the English language itself.  English is a composite language, Latin and Germanic and French and Arabic in its vocab at one and the same time.  Milton wrote poems in Latin and Italian.

Dr Anne Fairbairn, long a friend of Arabs, has written the dense account of Malcolm Turnbull and his careers that Muslim and Arab Australians need, now that he is our national leader. She is a fine Celtic Australian, but her print-text at least (Australian Muslim Times October 2015 p. 18) did not mention that PM Malcolm is of Scottish descent.

The first fleet had two Gulf Arabs in it. From the First Fleet, the small racist minority among Anglos here was very intolerant of Irish, Scots, Welsh and Cornish Australians the peoples whom the English conquered, keeping their cultures alive in Australia.

Still the same in 2014! Our England-born Prime Minister PM Abbott used the name of our multi-ethnic country to advise Scots to reject the statehood now very close to them.

“As a friend of Britain, as an observer from afar, it’s hard to see how the world would be helped by an independent Scotland”.   Malcolm Turnbull had a different view of Scots nationalism.

In our new century, hard-Anglomorph Australian culture continues to despise Celts (Scots and Irish people) although muting the race-hate it bellowed out before 1945. An example is the article  “Clan Turnbull again at odds with Tony Abbott, this time over Scottish independence”, published by Tony Wright in _The Australian_ of 19 August 2014.

Wright’s article applied images from Scotland’s languages and history to shrink the Liberal Party’s Turnbull down to an amusing porcelain Celtic gnome in an English city garden of narrow dimensions.

“Malcolm the Turnbull rejoices in the knowledge that the very name Turnbull comes, at least in legend, from a wild act of courage that saved the life of the Scottish King Robert the Bruce, only a year after Bruce had led his forces to victory over the English at the Battle of Bannockburn during the First War of Scottish Independence in 1314.

Malcolm’s distant ancestor, a fellow named William of Rule, is credited with wrestling a charging bull and turning it away from Robert the Bruce in 1315”, hence the name and coat-of-arms of Malcolm’s “Turnbull” family, “a wild fighting mob from the Scottish borders”.

Was Malcolm Turnbull one more Scots mad-bull who must charge everything English again when he conducted the movement to abolish the English monarchy in Australia, Wright wondered.

When Scotland is independent, Scots- and Irish-Australians will cop less taunt-”humor” from those who distort the liberal, integrative essence of Anglo-Saxon culture to hint that Celts and Arabic-script ethnics ineluctably can never amount to much that is positive here in what is the country of all of us, Usturalia, Australia.

The majority of Australians and its Anglo-Saxons defend the diversity of Australia, and its good future as a new nation that will come.  Usturalia! Usturalia! An Astrail!