The Australian Muslim Youth (AMY) of Sydney responded to the terrorism around the world by holding a vigil on Tuesday 17 November at Paul Keating Park in Bankstown to remember those that have been killed in Paris, Gaza, Beirut and Iraq.

AMY sent a  media release on  16  November encouraging the Muslim community to come to this event but also stressing that people from all faiths and no faith to come along and join in. A Facebook page was created to invite people in one day to in order to publicise the event.

People from all faiths decided to unite to counteract the rift that is arising in Australia and around the world between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Father Micheal Palmer a guest speaker of the event was highly supportive of the idea of uniting all Australians in the face of adversity.  “I want to look forward to the positive things in a day where we might show great friendship with one to another,” he told his audience at the vigil.


Initially around 50 people showed up at the event, the vigil beginning at 7pm with a prayer and recitation of verses from the holy Quran.

Candles were laid out on the floor with the words “Unite, Peace, Love” glowing in the darkness. Audience members were all given a candle each in remembrance of those that have left this world due to terrorism. The event ended at 9pm.

The message of the event was not to let ISIS divide and conquer the Australian community and to reinforce the fact that ISIS is not a representation of the Islamic faith and never will be.

It was also to clearly state that the Muslim community is not responsible in any way whatsoever to any kind of terrorism connected with any organisation that claims to commit atrocities against innocent people belonging to any faith or no faith.