John Salisbury walked from Wollongong to Macquarie Pass last month on his 300 kms plus heroic trek to deliver RECOGNISE PALESTINE petitions to the Australian government in Canberra.

The Australian government is very much pro-Israel  either voting against or  abstaining on UN Resolutions on Palestine.

This remarkable man walked for his mission- step by step – to address Australia’s appalling stand on Palestine.

“I will carry with me a petition asking our elected

representatives to formally recognise the state of Palestine. Over 130 countries have formally recognised Palestine. Recently Pope Francis did included The Vatican in their number. Why not Australia?”, John said earlier regarding his mission.

John made his grand entry onto the forecourt of Parliament House at 3pm on 13 October in company with Marcelo, Tareq and Bishop Browing who joined John for his trek in Bungendore … oops, the Bish’ was not part of the trek. Enthusiastic reception from MPs Craig Laundy, Melissa Parkes, Adam Brandt, Laurie Ferguson & Lee Rhiannon.

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