The Al Saleh Mosque in Sana’a, Yemen is the largest and most modern Mosque in the capital city. The Mosque was inaugurated in November 2008, and is named after Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. It can hold up to 40,000 worshippers and cost nearly $60 million to build.

The Mosque was built in a Yemeni architectural style and includes wooden roofs, 15 wooden doors which are 22.86 meters in height and include engraved copper patterns as well as 6 large minarets, 4 of which are 160 meters in height. It is surrounded by sprawling gardens. The Mosque combines traditional Islamic elements of domes, minarets, arches, carved mihrab, and bands of incised and gold-leaf calligraphy, and blends it with uniquely Yemeni architectural aspects.

Inside the main hall which can hold up to 13000 worshippers, a mammoth Bohemian glass chandelier is suspended from the central dome, the carved doors are of Burmese teak, the coffered inlaid ceiling is American oak, and the carpet which was woven in Turkey is made of New Zealand lambswool. An additional 31,000 worshippers can be accommodated outside, while a large women’s prayer hall is located upstairs.