It is important to remember Russia’s role in the Syrian conflict.

Without Russian support, the brutal regime of Bashar Al Assad would not have lasted for long after the beginning of the uprising in Syria. He would have met similar fate as Muammar Gaddafi, where Russians failed to rescue another leftist ruler in the Middle East.

Iranian backing of Basher Al Assad has been instrumental in seeking Russian support for a baathist regime in the region. While I am happy to see Russian president Vladimir Putin showing courage in standing up to US in several international conflicts and political matters, it cannot be condoned if it results in large scale human suffering.

Without oil, Syria is not a great cause for Americans to utilize its military resources beyond certain limits. Without decisive action by US, the country continued to be in stalemate resulting in emergence of several warring factions and extreme loss of civilian life.

Iranian support for Assad is highly deplorable. They preferred to support a non-religious Baathist regime over Islamic opposition groups who were moderate and would have offered stability. This paved way to several extremist and terrorist groups gaining strength and plunging the country into total chaos.

On the other hand US and European powers are primarily responsible for the terrible mess in the Middle East. They not only destroyed some of these countries through senseless bombardment over past few decades, but also played dirty political games to ensure that only their puppet regimes stayed in power. It ensured that oil wealth stays firmly under their control and Israeli interests are not compromised.

Large scale suffering of innocent children, women and men at the hands of various criminal political groups who show no hesitation in going to any extreme in their attempts of achieving political upper hand is very sad.

There should be strict international rules to punish political groups who engage in killing of civilians and abuse of human rights.

No government should be allowed to use its military arsenal against its own people. Military arsenal can only be used against armies of enemy nations. Syrian regime has killed its own civilians in far bigger number than any other warring faction in the current strife.

Western countries, in general, set a relatively fine example of offering human dignity to all. It is for this reason that many refugees make desperate attempts to reach these countries.

Gulf countries are no short of money to offer these refugees appropriate living standard including schooling for their children, if they claim to be offering help to their Muslim brethren.

The senseless brutality of all warring factions in Syria has created one of the worst refugee crisis of recent times. It is heartbreaking to see desperate attempts by thousands of Muslim refugees to reach shores of Western nations.