Sarban Masajid projects under the patronage of Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) is playing a key role in organised daawah work and rendering valuable services to the Australian community at large.

All the three masajid in Bankstown, Campbelltown and Queanbean were highly active during the month of Ramadan. In addition to 20 rakaat Taraweeh prayers with Khatm-e-Quran, regular lectures and innovative activities were organised at all venues in order to get youth involved in living Islam.

IFAM from its very formation concentrated on three major aims in order to carry out organised Daawah work in Australia namely close knot organisation, centre for activities and publication.

In 2011, IFAM established Saarban Islamic Trust to build Masajid across Australia. Within a span of four years span, they have delivered three Masajid in Bankstown, Campbelltown and Queanbeyan and the fourth one is in progress in Melbourne

Saarban Bankstown Masjid

Ramadan activities kicked off in Bankstown Masjid with “Welcome to Ramadan” programme couple of weeks before Ramadan where Dr. Zachariah Matthews delivered a talk on Health and Ramadan. Parallel to this a Children/Youth “Welcome to Ramadan” was run as well where they were introduced and enrolled in Ramadan Diary programme.

During Ramadan, regular Taraweeh were led by Ali Akbar Nadwi with Usaid Khalil delivering summary of Taraweeh Quran Recitation. These talks were also uploaded to Youtube for wider audience.

Masjid Team also held four Shab Baidari (Night Out at Masjid) on each Saturday night for group and individual learning and spiritual training.

Masjid also arranged a community Iftaar for local Families on one of the weekends where everyone enjoyed the Iftaar together and also did bit of socialising. Ramadan Diary team also performed there too.

Saarban Campbelltown Masjid

In Campbelltown Masjid, Ramadan activities were initiated with Welcome to Ramadan lecture followed by Ramadan Diary initiatives for youth.(For Report on Ramadan Diary program, see AMUST August issue).

During Ramadan, Maulana Nazir ul  Hassan Thanvi led the Taraweeh followed by short Bayan by him on relevant recitation.

On night of 27th of Ramadan, Masjid team prepared special programme for Khat-ul-Quran. They prepared presentation about the Masjid performance over the year followed by a Bayan about Lait tul Qadr.

Saarban Queanbeyan Masjid

Queanbeyan Masjid, conducted Welcome to Ramadan  with a lecture by Sameer Alam on Real Purpose of Sawm. Regular Taraweeh Salat was led by Hafiz Mohammad Mahmud.

A a Fundraising Dinner was arranged to support Masjid phase II project where Rais Khan delivered a talk on Infaq fi Sabilillah.

There was also Shab Baidari event on at Friday 10 July 2015 with the theme topic “Fitan (Trials) in the Ummah”.

Four community Iftaar events were held at Masjid for local community to provide them opportunity to break fast together and socialise in blessed month.

Khatmul Quran occurred on 27th of Ramadan led by IFAM ACT Nazim Bilal Mahmud.

Shafqat Ali is an IT professional/businessman and a member of IFAM, associated with the Campbelltown Masjid.