On 14 August 2015, Pakistan turned 68 and the birthday celebrations were held by Pakistanis living all across the globe.

The idea of Pakistan was to establish an independent Islamic state in the North West of India – where Muslims can live Islam in their daily life, where all citizens will be free to practice their religion and will be protected by the state promoting mutual respect, tolerance, justice and merit based educational and employment opportunities.

The idea was later converted into a national Indian Muslim Anthem, “Pakistan ka matlab kya LA ILAHA ILLALLAH.” (What does Pakistan mean, ALLAH is the ONE). This anthem became the binding force and the spark amongst the Indian Muslims to strive for the cause of Pakistan.

And finally it became a reality after a political struggle of 31 years on 27  Ramadhan eve.

During the partition, lives were lost, women raped and abducted, children butchered, literal rivers of fire and blood; more than a million people were killed in riots. Close your eyes and imagine you have to cross the very street you grew up playing in by hopping over bodies and blood – food for thought; millions went through this and live to date with those nightmares.

Allah’s Sunnah is to give a chance to prove yourself when you promise and commit; and this is what Allah did back then by giving Pakistan to the Muslims of the sub-continent to establish a true Islamic state, like Prophet Mohammad (s) formed an Islamic state  in Madinah. The state of Madinah – where all religions were protected and practiced freely, everyone’s dignity, life and property were safe.

Unfortunately that Pakistan never came into being, geographical boundaries were set but the idea got lost after the formation of this new country.  The history of Pakistan is full of controversies, injustice, targeted killing, racial clash and the list goes on.

On a positive not yet, Pakistan has contributed, in a short span of its existence in the field of sports, music, literature, science,

The core problem is the betrayal to Allah; for not fulfilling the promise for establishing a just Islamic state.

Rationale of Pakistan is long lost by Pakistanis during the last 68 years and we need, impartial and impassionate analysis of the current situation of Pakistan in the light of its history; re-visit the promise their fore fathers have given to Allah and start acting towards keeping this promise.

People will have to bring individual change and it will immediately start impacting over the entire system – the time will eventually come when Allah will shower His blessings upon the nation.

On 14 August every year it should not only be a proud moment to celebrate Pakistan’s independence but to re-visit the history, look within oneself, plead to Allah for forgiveness, guidance, plan to act and then act.

Then and only then, we can be proud of not only having the gift of Pakistan on the 27th night of Ramadhan but celebrate for delivering the long forgotten promise.