The Muslim World is in turmoil as a result of internal divisions and external exploitation. 

No one is in denial of this sad state, but it seems that not much is being done to end this situation, neither by the people in these countries themselves nor by the international community at large.

There are tens of millions of internally displaced refugees in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya,  as a result of atrocities committed by ruthless regimes, opposition groups and external attacks.

The life has become so unbearable that men, women and children, young and old are desperately trying to escape to neighbouring countries and finally to Europe at great risks to their lives. Large numbers are dying and suffering in their efforts to save their life and that of their loved ones.

These were relatively affluent countries with oil wealth, but are now failed states. Their infrastructure has been destroyed, the economy is in ruins, the health system obsolete and food and water resources increasingly diminished.

Failed states, not only pose problems for their citizens, but affect us all on a global level. In this contemporary global village now, the international community is not immune to the turmoil taking place in any part of the world.

In the modern world, we can not afford to live in our comfort zones, concerned only of our immediate environment. As global citizens, we all have a stake in the welfare of all on this planet.

Waging wars in far away lands surely comes back to bite us. There are lessons from Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. First it was the refugees problem and now it is refugees as well terrorism.

The vicious circle of terrorism and war on terror and being indifferent to oppression in Muslim countries has made the whole world more insecure.

Injustice, intolerance and violence to settle differences and disputes have rendered communities and nations to great hardships and suffering.

The people in Gaza living in an open jail are still suffering from the destruction of their infrastructure and denial of building materials and other amenities of life to restore better living conditions.

The pseudo democratic regimes in Egypt and Bangladesh are decimating the opposition using their kangaroo court systems and jailing a large number of people together with passing death sentences.

The regime in Syria continues to bury civilians, men, women and children through their indiscriminate bombardment of residential areas. ISIL is still creating havoc in Syria and Iraq with its intolerance of people of other faiths, sects and ideas.

Rohingyas from Burma continue to flee as a result of policies of an intolerant regime and refugees keep being exploited by people smugglers making money from people in misery.

Relatively successful Muslim countries like Malaysia and Turkey are now bogged down by corruption, greed and political power play.

The only way out of this miserable condition would be when people in the Muslim world, individually as well as collectively realize that wars, violence, injustice and intolerance only produce losers and for global peace and it order to achieve a formula for win-win for all needs to be found and implemented.