The intensity and voracity of the attacks on Islam and Muslims have significantly increased in recent months.

In spite of the fact that overwhelming majority of Australians are welcoming to people of any faith, a very small group of anti-Islam and Muslim bashing people, supported by some political opportunists, are behind these attacks.

Over the years the focus of these groups has moved from anti-burqa to anti-mosque.

Regardless of their outer manifest of anti-halal or anti-shariah campaign this group is spreading blatant lies and false claims to create hate and animosity against Muslims and Islam in the community.

Recently, one person drove 4 hours to participate in an anti-mosque event, as if his life-style is in danger due to the proposed mosque too far away from his place of resident.

Apparently a newly re-vitalised group, Reclaim Australia is the face of anti-Muslim propaganda.

The original Reclaim Australia website set up in 1999 had no mention of Islam or Muslim.

Clearly the group was all about the evil in the western governments and big corporations. The main concern was that the governments were not following God’s law as found in the Bible.

To check the main objectives of this group anyone could visit the url at  and find the following at its front page, “All Law is biblical, and that it represents a Covenant between man and Yhwh which is characterized as divine revelation. When we consider that government is founded exclusively on law, government itself then becomes a religion to implement or execute or enforce divine revelation. When government abuses the authority delegated by Yhwh through Yhwh Law, then it also becomes a false religious cult. This makes all western government nothing more than a cult surrounding the false religion it created with its own unjust law because this law has become a vain substitute and an affront to Yhwh’s Law found in the bible.”

Is there anything about Islam? Any single word, directly or indirectly, against Muslims or Islam? No, not at all. This was the original and true Reclaim Australia.

Under the heading ‘Our Mission’ the website states, “Reclaim Australia has one main purpose, and that is to assist and educate the people of Australia as to whom they really are, to help guide them to follow the higher laws of Yhwh, our Heavenly Father, to live the way our heavenly father wanted his children to live, to reclaim their country from the parasites and predators of the Abdicated Corporate Government of Babylon and Caesar’s world of Satan.”

To teach the People how to protect themselves from the Corporate World, how to remove the hidden contract of involuntary servitude that the Corporate Government has hung around your neck. Who are you, are you a person or a Man or Woman, as a Person is defined in the Statutes of the Corporate Government as a corporation/entity, it does not say a person is a Man or Woman.

The state churches are controlled by the Corporate government as they are registered to the state, they are not a true Ekklesia, which is a church of our Heavenly father. Referring to the Bible, Matthew 6:24, it says, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

By a stark contrast, if anyone looks at the new Reclaim Australia’s website at would find nothing against any Corporation or Government.

These ‘enemies’ are not even mentioned at any place, rather there is wholesale false propaganda against Muslims and Islam. So what makes this group turned their guns against new targets ignoring the original ‘enemies’? Have the Corporations and Governments have become biblical entities? Have they converted to ‘good guys’?

In the name of freedom of speech, this group has launched relentless attack on Muslims at the expense of community peace and harmony. Is freedom of speech absolute/unbounded? What if some on makes anti-Australian statements or engage in sedition? Would we let him/her get away with it in the name of freedom of speech? As the honourable Pope has said, there must be a limit to freedom of speech, and it is not a licence to attack any individual or group, especially if it is revered globally by billions.

With my personal encounter with one of the organisers of an anti-Muslim rally, I found the person very honest and open. After our discussions for about 40 minutes, and follow up rethinking, this person withdrew from the event and decided to take his family to a holiday in the Easter break. The non-existent, but perceived, rather imposed, fear of unknown on shariah and halal issues were no more any concern for him. Interestingly, I saw this person in a ‘Walk As One’ gathering to promote co-existence of various cultures and faiths.

Islam is a religion of peace and offered great service to the mankind as a universal religion for over 1430 years. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace be upon him, recognised all prophets before him, and built the first multi-faith and multi-cultural society in Medina to serve the community consisting of Jews, Christians, pagans, Muslims and everyone else in the city. So there is no need to reinvent the wheels or revisit the issues that are no-existent.

Additional Notes:

What is a bias crime?

A bias crime is a criminal offence motivated against persons, associates of persons, property or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by an offender’s bias against an individual’s or group’s actual or perceived; race, religion, ethnic/national origin, sex/gender, gender identity, age, disability status, sexual orientation or homeless status. More info at: