At the Premier’s Multicultural Media Awards, held at Doltone House, three young role models did our community proud, Tahmina Ansari, Mostafa Rachwani and Yasmine Lewis were recognised for their talented contribution to the Australian Multicultural community.

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Multiculturalism John Ajaka announced the winners at the gala event. “At a time when the mainstream media is contracting, the multicultural media is thriving and we welcome the contributions made by media professionals who play such an important role in keeping our ethnic communities informed,” Mr Ajaka said.

Media Awards, Photos by Warren Duncan:Multicultural NSW5

The 2015 Winners of the Premier Multicultural Media Award. Photo by Warren Duncan, Multicultural NSW

Tahmina Ansari from the ABC won the Young Journalist of the Year award. Winner Tahmina has been reporting and breaking stories for the ABC, including camel culling and the Taliban murder of a dual national.

    Photo by Warren Duncan, Multicultural NSW

Photo by Warren Duncan, Multicultural NSW

She said “It was incredibly humbling and such a lovely surprise to win this award at the 2015 Multicultural Media Awards for NSW young Journalist of the Year – I have never really won anything in my life before besides a free muffin and I can safely say this one means a lot more! I was reflecting back to when I first started in the media industry – I was told two things. One, you’ll never make it because you wear a hijab and two, no one will ever put you in front of a camera because of your hijab. Well I certainly can’t say I’ve “made it” anywhere however I can say this – someone did allow me to do my job whether it be TV, radio, online etc and that was and still is the ABC. Thanks to all my mentors, family, parents, colleagues and friends who have continued to support and help me through a journey in an industry which is all about teamwork. Nothing I ever do is credit to myself but rather a credit to all of us. So thank you x”

Media Awards, Photos by Warren Duncan:Multicultural NSW2

Photo by Warren Duncan, Multicultural NSW

Best Editorial of the Year award was won by Mostafa Rachwani for his commentary “Raiding the Muslim Community: What happened, the law, the politics” from Youthink Magazine, The Lebanese Moslem Association. The winning editorial focused on the aftermath of the police raids in the Muslim community in September 2014 and Muslim community’s engagement with the Australian Government. He said “Thanks for all the support guys! You can call me “award winning writer” now. Alhamdulilah.”

A stellar spoken word poetry performance by Yasmine Lewis kicked off the event, and engaged the audience. The title of the poem was “If they can pronounce Shakespeare”[they can pronounce your name]. The poem was received extremely well by the hundreds of dignitaries and guests that attended.

Media Awards, Photos by Warren Duncan:Multicultural NSW1

Photo by Warren Duncan, Multicultural NSW

“For I, I am not your lunch order, that you can point at and stumble through,
Nor am I, your fashion item that you have appropriated too,
this label, that was give to me and you
is wrapped in history, so get to know yours too.”